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Welcome to Carpet Cleaners.

Mattvättarna AB is a development of the family business Städpartner

Established in 1997 by Tina and Mattias Hellsten. Tina and Mattias have solid

experience and great knowledge of the industry after having worked on cleaning for twenty years

Environment & Quality


The environmental issue is so important for us at Mattvättarna. We do everything we can to you

as a customer to feel safe when we wash your carpets.

We use it only as far as possible environmentally friendly products and technologies.

For example, we reduce the consumption of chemicals by micro-fiber systems in environments

where it is possible and update us on the ever-more efficient and more environmentally

friendly practices.

Quality - Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We put a lot of effort to you, the customer should be

happy with the services we offer. Therefore, we have created a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Mattvättarnas Customer satisfaction guarantee

Means that our work is not regarded as

completed before the customer is completely satisfied. If you are not completely satisfied with

the work done, we'll return and resolve any objections at a time that suits you.

We are equally high quality of work done and in ourselves.

Regardless of the size of the task we perform them with the same feeling. We want you to know

that you as a customer is in focus. We always put quality over quantity.

About Mattvättarna

Mattvättarna AB is a development of the family business cleaning Partners Established in 1997

by Tina and Matthias Hellsten. Tina and Matthias have solid experience and great knowledge of

the industry, having worked with the cleaning for twenty years. The company has grown since

its inception and the customer list has grown longer. The owners have seen that there is a great

need for additional services, thus formed Mattvättarna 2009th

Client List

Here is a selection of

Mattvättarnas clients:


-Gustavsberg Harbour City

-Värmdö city

-Nacka city

-Landvik & Dahl

- Flügger-color




-NEC Scandinavia



Welcome to Mattvättarna.

Tina and Mattias Hellsten

Mattvättarna AB

Jakthornsvägen 27

13 940

Värmdö 08-33 33 22

Mattvättarna Cleaning Services

Mattvättarna has twenty years experience in cleaning business. We providing cleaning services

for both companies and individuals.

We carry everything from special assignment to the larger mission of total entrepreneurs

throughout the Stockholm area.

Here are some examples of services we offer:

- Office cleaning - School Cleaning

-Retail Cleaning

- Hotel Cleanliness

- Ship Cleaning

- Venue Cleaning

- Event Cleaning -

-Conference Cleaning

- Restaurant Cleaning

- Stair Cleaning

- Large Cleaning -

-Final cleaning

- House cleaning

- Industrial cleaning

- Construction Cleaning -

-Warehouse Cleaning

- Heavy Cleaning

- Window cleaning

-Carpet cleaning

- Upholstery cleaning

-Floor Care

- Provides and manages supplies

What does it cost?

To get a quote for the service

you need help, give us a call, send an email


Carpet cleaning

We at Mattvättarna are specialists in professional carpet cleaning We help you with both

carpets and decorative carpets.

In order to offer our customers the best results, we are fully equipped with the latest technology

. Our machines are from the USA (the world's largest market in the carpet) where producers

have 50 years experience of advanced Carpet cleaning

Our experienced carpet cleaning technicans are trained to recommend appropriate technology

for your particular carpet.


To help you get the best results in your carpet cleaner to use Mattvättarna us on a five-step


The process allows our customers amazing end result. Thanks to it, we have many loyal

customers who return to us again and

Vacuuming the carpet - remove loose dirt
Stain Remover - dissolves any spots
Machine scrubbing - dissolves ingrained dirt
Wet cleaning - sucks up all the dirt and detergent
Final inspection - implement final track with you **

(a part of our customer satisfaction guarantee)

Decorative Rugs

We deep clean all types of decorative carpets, oriental rugs mats and more.

Nothing is impossible for us and our machines we pick up the carpet with you and

return it freshly washed.

Upholstery cleaning

Why replace your furniture when we can clean them with upholstery cleaning? Maybe we can

make them look like new again?

With proper maintenance can be upholstered furniture life extended considerably. Mattvättarna

helps remove dirt and remove pollutants such as dust mites or pollen. We restore the beauty

and freshness of all your furnitures once had. Do not let your furniture loose its

beauty again.

Did you know that regular vacuuming only captures 60% of soil in your furniture? To prevent

your furniture cause allergies, they should be cleaned regularly by professionals.this is

especially important in public environments such as offices, cinemas and restaurants.

Let us Mattvättarna do the job - you get a longer life for your furniture and a healthier

environment! Of course, we choose the cleaning process to suit your cloth is best.


The main building block of our organization, our employees, our customers should always feel

they get something extra when they hire us. Therefore, we want our employees should have the

following characteristics:

- Committed
- Motivated
- Responsible
- Service-Oriented
- Flexible

We offer our employees a stimulating work environment with good social life. We provide you

with good development in a sector that has the future before it.

Security is high in our company, therefore all employees wear ID cards with photo and uniform

clothing with our logo. As employees of Mattvättarna you have confidentiality towards our


Contact us

Do you your company needs help with cleaning services?

We help businesses, organizations and individuals with all types of cleaning services. No job

is too big or too small for us to Mattvättarna.

What does it cost?
To get a quote for the play you need help, give us a call, send an email or fill out requests for

quotations directly in the form on our site. We guarantee that you will always get a response

within 24 hours.

- A warm welcome to contact Mattvättarna!
Tina & Mattias Hellsten

Mattvättarna AB
13 940 Värmdö
08-33 33 22
Mail: info@mattvattarna.se